* UPDATE: The Society has modified their vaccination and masking requirements as of our last board meeting.  Please review these changes on our Audition page and our COVID-19 Information page *

The Harrisburg Choral Society is preparing to present a new season of rehearsals and concerts, following our hiatus due to COVID-19 and the shutdown of activities.  The Board of Directors has continuously met during our shutdown, along with our music director Dr. Zeuch, to prepare our organization for a return to in-person activities, including regular rehearsals and presentation of concerts.

During the hiatus period the HCS Board has spent time discussing our return, long-term planning, as well as staging a fundraising campaign to help prepare ourselves financially for our return, and presenting a virtual choir performance coordinated by Dr. Zeuch.

The Harrisburg Choral Society will resume rehearsals in a new venue: Due to ongoing COVID-19 concerns and to launch our return in a fresh way, the HCS is moving from our rehearsal home for the past several years, Camp Hill Presbyterian Church, to the Grace Milliman Pollock Performing Arts Center in Camp Hill.  The new venue is a marvelous facility providing the Society with a more spacious rehearsal room while keeping our members close to the area we have been rehearsing for many years.  The HCS has performed several concerts at the Pollock Center, and both organizations are excited about this new partnership.

The Harrisburg Choral Society will be holding auditions for new members this September.  We encourage any singers who would like to see our organization in action to attend our first rehearsal on Tuesday, September 7th, and set up an audition with Dr. Zeuch in the following weeks.   Please see our rehearsal information on the site for more information (including our COVID-19 information).