The Harrisburg Choral Society Board of Directors and Music Director have finalized a policy regarding COVID-19 safety and conditions for participation in rehearsals for the upcoming season.  The Society will be requiring members to be fully vaccinated prior to the beginning of the season on September 7th, 2021.  The HCS will be validating vaccination status and agreement to a liability waiver prior to participation for the season.  The Society will also be asking all participants at rehearsals to wear masks while indoors.  The Board and staff will be reviewing this masking requirement during the season and may change this policy if conditions allow it.

The board and staff believe these requirements will provide the highest possible safety during a riskier activity in this COVID-19 world.  We are also understanding of circumstances that may impact participation, such as the safety of others in contact with members.  Member safety is at the front of our decision making, and our policies, as well as additional measures such as live Zoom sessions of rehearsals allowing participation while distancing, will permit the Society to carry out a full season of music making and allow our members to return to our passion.

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