Will the members of the Board continue to meet and plan?
Yes. The HCS board will continue to meet virtually once a month to talk about developments with COVID-19 and its relevance to our organization. We are still an active organization and will do our best to prepare for the future to come back stronger than ever.
Will the HCS update the community?
Yes. The HCS will post updates when there are developments or other announcements.
Did the board consider only suspending half of the year and starting up in January 2021?
This topic was heavily discussed. Starting in January presents many issues. Along with the unknown of if there would be a vaccine or treatment by that time, challenges such as ads and patron participation, rehearsal space availability, and other budgetary issues came to the forefront. Suspending the entire year present the clearest decision to assure long-term success.
Will the HCS need to consider finding different practice and performance venues during the 2020-2021 season and beyond? Are outside performances possible?
We will continue to monitor the situation and think about ideas for coming together as an ensemble. At this time, no events are planned for the 20-21 season due to the uncertainty of the situation. IF it seems safe to reconvene for an outdoor in Spring 2021, the board would be open to looking at those possibilities. Our main focus is keeping everyone safe.
Are Kyle Zeuch and Victor Fields being invited back in 2021-2022 and are they committed to returning?
Dr. Zeuch and Mr. Fields will not be under contract during the 2020-2021 season. Both have agreed to come back when we reconvene. Dr. Zeuch and Mr. Fields have agreed to help and participate in activities during 2020-2021 to connect the HCS during our suspension time.
What is the financial standing of the organization and is it able to survive this suspension?
The HCS has a modest surplus in our account that suggests we will be able to survive our time away. This is one of the strategic reasons that we considered to suspend the season. We should be able to allow our balance to carry us through until we can reconvene. The board is building a 2020-2021 budget that will carry us through the suspension time.
What is happening with ads and patrons?
The ads and patrons committee is working to continue a relationship with our sponsors and patrons. Many of those businesses that purchase ads from HCS have likely undergone great difficulty during the pandemic. They will all receive a letter from the committee explaining our situation and hopefully maintaining a relationship to continue our partnership.
Will there be any other contact/communication during the suspension?
In addition to keeping everyone updated about the decisions made by the board, one of the goals of the board is to continue to keep members connected and involved. We may try some kind of virtual choir, monthly zoom hangout, or a virtual talent show. Anything to keep us connected with one another!
What about the 125th Anniversary Celebration concert?
This will still happen! We will just have to celebrate when it’s safe to do so. We will perform the repertoire selected: O Clap Your Hands, selections from Elijah, Chichester Psalms, and our commissioned piece Psalm 100.

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